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define: sick
i refuse to sugarcoat it
sick in the mind
sick in the body
sick in the soul
i refuse to romanticize it
but we associate sickness
with impurity
not poor health or conditions
i refuse to accept that
sickness of the mind
limits us
and stands in our way
sickness of the body
harms us
and makes others afraid
sickness of the soul
breaks us
and takes away the drive to perservere
these sicknesses are difficult
not unbeatable
but people only want to heal
the physical ailments
those that do the least
amount of damage
we let the mind rot
and the soul decay
all because we can’t see them
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FOT - Pheasant by avrillfan29 FOT - Pheasant :iconavrillfan29:avrillfan29 1 0
kal's dictionary: v, sacred
1. golden ichor blood, polished ivory for eyes, and the untamed cosmos for skin. intangible and impossible.
2. paraphernalia draped along statue-stiff limbs; an expression like the unbridled majesty of nature.
3. what a wild and stunning existence.
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define: god
when i was little, i had faith
lots of it
an overabundance
so much faith it hurt
now, this faith was what i was taught
what i was told
what i was expected to have
and i did, for a long time
but as i got older
more skeptical
i knew that something wasn’t right
things weren’t adding up
god was supposed to be caring and compassionate
not cold
not calculating and curious and scientific
but that’s what god is
god couldn’t know limited power
so he made angels
but they were immortal, like he was
too much like him
god couldn’t be mortal
so he made animals
but they lacked the understanding he longed for
too unlike him
god couldn’t know a life without free will
so he made humans
told them to only use their free will as he deemed fit
they were perfect
we’re just an overgrown experiment
not divine
but we still tell ourselves otherwise
we want to be so much more
my faith is intangible and inexplicable
the god i was taught isn’t true
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kal's dictionary: iv, vintage
1. faded photographs stuck in worn-edged picture frames. sun-bleached walls and dusty, scuffed-up wooden floors. leather has been worn down and made soft, and fatigued bodies lie haphazardly on hand-knitted rugs.
2. raspy voices ring out from a rusty, old phonograph. the jazz fills the room with a warmth that isn’t of the body, but rather of the soul.
3. hearts of cardinal red and chocolate brown, of mustard yellow and soft creme, filled with love thick like syrup.
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kal's dictionary: iii, youth
1. everything is difficult for you; breathing, eating, living. the weight of an entire universe has been dropped onto your shoulders, and no one is willing to help you. you have to make it on your own, or else you haven’t really made it. or so they say.
2. dependence is expected, but so is independence. you are still a child but you are also an adult. everything you do will be a disappointment; there’s no way to act as both without one overpowering the other.
3. songs will be written about you, how they miss you, yet they continue to berate those who still have you.
4. the exchange is never ending, but ever present.
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kal's dictionary: ii, snake
1. dancing around your meaning. both the charmer and the easily charmed. you are never straightforward--
2. straightjacket restriction. constriction; a burn for air in your lungs. desire for something more, something larger--
3. larger than life. a being praised in songs, yet vilified in person. your scales have lost their luster; you are old--
4. old bones whisper with dust. you have gone away into history.
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kal's dictionary: i, glitter
1. skin made of the fabric of the universe, stretched taut over bones that do not belong to you. not yet. but soon they will be among your possessions. once you’ve learned to love yourself, every galaxy is within reach of your seeking fingertips.
2. imploding stars and supernovas make up the blemishes you are so embarrassed of. they are unattractive in your eyes, but to others, they are the most beautiful feature that anyone could ever grace. jealousy is a word that they are familiar with in your presence, but it is foreign to you.
3. shimmering and sparkling like the night sky, you are magnificent. a marvel to gaze upon; a tapestry of every sun and planet and comet and piece of debris floating throughout the empty void of space.
4. fill the desolate canvas; the vacuum is hungry and aching.
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FOT - Siffre Leone Wen Bio by avrillfan29 FOT - Siffre Leone Wen Bio :iconavrillfan29:avrillfan29 6 163 FOT - Siffre Leone Wen by avrillfan29 FOT - Siffre Leone Wen :iconavrillfan29:avrillfan29 3 14 Sassy n Cocky by avrillfan29 Sassy n Cocky :iconavrillfan29:avrillfan29 2 0
Chaos's Poem
I honestly think
There’s something wrong with me.
From the words I say,
To the things I see.
These past few nights
I’ve been afraid.
The light’s not safe,
So neither is the shade.
Terrors that knaw
And always eat
Are awaiting me
Just at my feet.
I’ve tried to lose them,
To give them the shake.
But they’re always there,
Asleep or awake.
I honestly think
That I’m becoming a freak.
I’ve been up for days now,
Maybe even weeks.
Maybe it’s home,
It’s always a mess.
Not exactly kid friendly;
Not exactly the best.
But I can’t just blame others,
I’m to blame too.
But maybe it’s not me.
Maybe it’s you.
~ Chaos Loste, age twelve
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Eden's Poem
All I wanted
Was to be alone.
At that point,
I hated my home.
I was sick of people
Suffocating me.
I was sick of everyone
Lying about what they see.
I look just like
The perfect heir.
I’ve got the bright green eyes,
And the strawberry blonde hair.
But I hated the thought
Of being at the top.
Holding infinite power,
Not knowing when to stop.
All I wanted
Was to run away.
Right now, though,
I think I might stay.
~ Eden Loste, age fourteen
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Shimotsuki's Poem
I look like porcelain,
Or so I am told.
I am much too fragile
For someone to hold.
I have been locked
Inside a cage,
Told never to show
Any rage.
Forever meant
To be alone,
With no one to claim me
As their own.
But I am not a doll,
not in any way.
I am not so weak,
that my resolve will sway.
I am determined
To leave this cell.
To find a love
And lose my shell.
With frost and snow,
I will thaw their heart.
And I will promise them
We will never be apart.
~ Sasana Shimotsuki, age ten, for his future partner
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Aryus the babe by avrillfan29 Aryus the babe :iconavrillfan29:avrillfan29 1 0 Mage my love by avrillfan29 Mage my love :iconavrillfan29:avrillfan29 0 0
full of character art and poetry


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Kallen Coyne
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
A queer kid who makes a lot of art but hasn't uploaded anything in ages.

Tumblr + Aesthetics (t) + Poetry/Rants (t) + Quotev + Wattpad + Pinterest

THE BAES: :iconcrazyfornicodiangelo: :iconsomeordinaryartists: :icona7xfan666:

Art alias: Kallen Coyne + Pseudonym: Jaron Atherton + 17 + Queer + He/Him

Literature + Anime/Manga + Role-playing Games + Films + Music + Art + Role-playing

Intersectional feminist

Insecure + Awkward + Anxious
My last year of high school starts tomorrow! While I absolutely despise the thought of having to go back and be surrounded by the people that make me want to stay home and never leave the house again, at least this is the last year I'll have to do so.

Then I get to have fun with college.

College & social transitioning & talking about medical transitioning & working & living with transphobic relatives & the adult life I never wanted and still don't want.

That is, if I survive until then. I could die any day. The planet could end up in another war. Who really knows what the future holds.

With the school year comes pep band & speech & stress & a constant desire to sleep, but I'll try to remain as active as I can. Who knows, I might relapse to my old habit of getting on dA after school as a de-stresser. Sure I can't sit around all day like I have this summer, but I can still check it.

Also shout out to the person who sent me that note telling me I'll regret all the edge. Bitch you think I haven't cringed at my past self already. I'm comfortable with who I am now. I just have a cringy af username.

Anyway, deuces my dude.

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